Parish Liturgy Committee

The Parish Liturgy Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating liturgical arrangements which are common across the whole Parish, shared resource and special occasion Liturgies and to bring a sense of togetherness and involvement of the various aspects of our Parish into our Liturgies (like the Sacramental Programs, RCIA).

The Parish Liturgy Committee doesn’t usurp or replace the detailed planning that goes into the liturgies in each of our three communities, be they school or church but rather the Committee is responsible to help and coordinate liturgical matters that affect or go cross the entire Parish. 

The Committee includes representatives involved in liturgies from each of the 3 church communities and our two schools in the Parish. 

A non-exclusive list of matters for the Parish Liturgy Group includes: 

  • Annual planning for Parish Liturgies and major feasts (like Easter and Christmas);
  • coordination of the music, sacramental programs and RCIA in our Masses;
  • coordination of the training of acolytes and servers, Eucharist Ministers, readers;
  • special occasion liturgies (like the Patronal Masses);
  • sharing resources and communication across the various aspects of Liturgy and catechesis (like musicians and music).

Liturgy Working Groups in each Church community attend to the specific matters for their respective community. For example, Liturgy working groups in each Church community attend to: 

  • ensuring that each Mass or other liturgy in the respective church is properly planned and prepared in advance. 
  • various rosters for readers, Eucharistic Ministers, altars servers, Acolytes in that church
  • altar and church preparation (sacristy matters ) for the respective church
  • behind the scene organisation – banners, candles, books, flowers,

With the foregoing, the Parish Liturgy Committee has been formed by: 

  • The Priests of the Parish, led by the Parish Priest
  • Our RCIA Program coordinators
  • Music planners and coordinators for each community
  • 2 members from each of our church communities who coordinate the liturgies in their community