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Family Groups

“Love one another as I have loved you” 

The family groups are groups of parishioners (young & old, married and single) who meet regularly in a social setting.

An important element of the Family Group is the responsibility to promote the life of the Parish Community. It is an important asset in getting active involvement in all aspects of Parish Life. 

Apart from a way to meet and know others in the Parish, a Family Group provides a more personal way to share, to celebrate successes and joys, to gain or give support in times of need. Family Groups help build our Christian Community, and through witnessing Christian sharing sets a positive example for our children. 

A typical group would be 16 to 30 people comprising married couples, singles, sole parents, widows, widowers and children. Not a Catholic? Not a problem.  Welcome brother and sister. As the motto says – “A Family for All”.

Each month a Group comes together to share in some activity. Annual highlights being the Family Home Mass and a weekend away breaking bread together. 

Interested in giving your friendship, support and time to others as part of a Family Group? Want more information? Contact any of the following people:

Bede Alexander 
Sharon O’Keefe
Denis Cortese
Barry Sheehy
Mary Ingham
Joe Tesoriero

  Through the Parish Office