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Our Schools

The French's Forest Catechist Community teaches in 8 primary schools over four days. The schools and their teaching days are listed below for your information. We also hold a ‘seminar day’ once a term in our three high schools, Davidson, Killarney Heights and Forest High.

Our Primary Schools
We teach 850 students every week in our 8 Primary Schools – Belrose, Forestville, Frenchs Forest, Kambora, Killarney Heights, Mimosa, Terrey Hills and Wakehurst PS.
There are more Catholic primary school children in our Parish attending Public Schools
than our 2 Catholic Schools combined.

The SRE (Special Religious Education) lessons are 30 minutes long and are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays. SRE teachers (Catechists) prepare their lessons at home and preparation generally takes 45 minutes per week.

 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 Terrey Hills PS Belrose PS Forestville PS Forestville PS Infants
  Mimosa PS Kambora PS Frenchs Forest PS
  Wakehurst PS Killarney Heights PS Killarney Heights PS Infants

Our Secondary Schools
The Catechists of Frenchs Forest teach in the 3 High Schools that are in our Parish - Forest, Killarney Heights and Davidson High. Each school has one seminar day per term where each year comes for an hour or 2 hour workshop with Catechists. Pauline Van Den Berg, from the Peninsula PSU, hosts joint preparation sessions each term to prepare for the seminar days.
If you are interested in joining us

If you are interested in joining us you will be asked to complete 4 forms and attend a one-day Basic Accreditation Course (BAC).
1. Diocesan Authorisation Document A1
2. Diocesan Authorisation Document A2
3. Prohibited Employment Declaration (PED)
4. Catechist Statistics Form

On completion of these forms you will be issued with a yellow Interim Authorisation Card. This card authorises you to represent our Parish on State School property. You must have your Authorisation Card with you whenever you are on State School property.
Basic Accreditation Course (BAC)

All volunteers must attend the one-day BAC within 6 months of joining the Ministry. This course will give you an overview of our rights and responsibilities within the schools, basic child protection knowledge, basic classroom management and an introduction to the curriculum used. You will be issued with a green Authorisation Card on completion of the one day BAC and completion of the 4 forms.

Further Training
On completion of the BAC you will be invited to attend further training:
1. Level 1 Certificate – ‘Tools for Ministry’
2. Level 2 Certificate – ‘The Church in the Modern World’
3. Level 3 Diploma – ‘Faith in Ministry’
Catechists are encouraged to participate in further study but it is not mandatory.

We are further supported with two reflection days, a weekend retreat, a Diocesan Catechist Conference and numerous workshops each year. The dates and themes for these formation opportunities will be distributed throughout the year. Again, Catechists are encouraged to attend these functions but they are not mandatory.